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 I started my path to Yoga by accepting an invitation by my Cousin, Jen ~ "want to try a Yoga class"?  This was in the winter of 2005 - I was hooked!  I couldn't believe I truly felt better, the "stuff" that kept my mind full, slowly slipped away - I felt strong in self & soul and I also found that my heart was both full & light at the same time. I completed my teacher training at Naturally Yoga, with my amazing teachers, Sheryl & Neil Edsall in 2008.  

At the end of my Yoga Teacher Training, Sheryl & Neil gave me the sanskrit name of "Nitya", which means "eternal" & "everlasting" - this name suited me so well - little did I realize! In my life I always stuck with something - sometimes maybe things I should have let go, but mostly things that I gave my whole heart to - such as Yoga. Having this name has had an amazing effect on how I look at things, how I guide myself to see it through - how I learned to be a Yogi who gives her all to her students - giving them my "everlasting" guidance and encouragement.

I absolutley love to teach Yoga! My focus is on my students abilities, encouraging them to find their own natural body's alignment and using yoga props to help them get there. Understanding your bodies, helping them find that feeling of being strong in self & soul as I have is, my true goal for each student. Humor is always part of my teaching, smiling through our asana, being able to be lighthearted, "softening ourselves", I believe helps focus & ground us and creates even more stability on & off our yoga mats.

My seed teachings for class are based on what may be happening in my life or around me.  Pondering these topics while practicing yoga, helps us to work them out, gives us a chance to consider them and let them go or find their place in our lives in a gentle way.

Restorative Yoga is my "true love" - at the end of my class I guide students into a restorative pose, rather than Savasana, to truly release and open their bodies even deeper.  I am also known to give a little gentle stretch, adjustment  or light massage along with some aromatherapy.  I offer a full restorative class every few weeks or so - I always leave it as a surprise!

Come practice with me privately or join me in a group class.  In home private & group classes available.

"Nitya Shanti"

"Everlasting Peace"

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