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"Jeanne's love for Yoga & her belief in the life-changing effects of a yoga practice are apparent in her teaching.  She approaches each class with the requisite knowledge & skills ~ but also with a great sense of humor.  Her classes are enriching, thought provoking & fun, and they always turn out to be exactly what I need".  ~ P.R. 


"As a person, Jeanne is warm and genuine. She is one of those unique people who seem to possess both abundant peacefulness alongside an equal measure of energy.  This makes her an incredibly gifted teacher ~ her energy keeps the flow moving for our bodies, and her peacefulness keeps our minds focused and calm as we practice.  It's is obvious that she actively thinks about her students throughout her week - there is always a quote or thought for us to meditate on while we practice - this is what gets me through those tough moments when my thighs are shaking.  Jeanne ends each class by moving to each student and giving a gentle touch or stretch, with essential oils on her hands.  That personal physical touch is a connection to her students, a willingness to literally reach out to each of us and extend a piece of herself.  Her Restorative Yoga classes & Reiki & Restorative Yoga workshops do wonders to remove me from stresses of my life and allow me to give myself the gift of my own time and meditation.  Another reason Jeanne's classes are unique is that her training and interests in the mindy / body / spirit connection are extensive.  She obvioulsy cares so much about the well-being of others."~ B.D.


Massage ~ mini quotes from clients

"Thank You! I came in like a lion and out like a lamb"! 

"Phenomenal! Wonderful ryhthm - addressed my every need". 

"Best foot, ankle & shoulder I have had!  Found and worked all my tight spots perfectly"!

"Awesome pressure ~ very relaxing"!

"So relaxing - just what I needed"!

"Jeanne concentrated on all my problem areas, but also giving me a complete massage".






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