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"For me, as soon as I enter a massage room, the lighting, scents, music & warmth start to work their magic!  Laying on the warm massage table, I sometimes think, "this is all I need", it's an instant melt.  But then when the massage starts, I am so grateful that there is more ~ the smooth strokes, kneading, and compressions, release tension immediately, relaxing my body & my mind.  The muscles aches diminish, the body & soul begin to heal".  

Everyone has a different idea of what massage does for them, that is mine and even before I became a Massage Therapist I always understood the importance of massage and how it heals. Massage benefits overall wellness, relaxation and aides in eliminating stagnate toxins in the body, muscle tension, adhesions (knots) are released,  helps in healing injuries, increases range of motion. Also, simply - human touch - many people do not have that connection, human to human.  Especially the elderly, people suffering with disease - it allows one to feel comforted and cared for.   

Regular massage therapy is extremely beneficial, especially if someone is acutely stressed and isn’t sleeping or is feeling overwhelmed.  Regular Massage therapy will help the body to “learn” how to remember how it feels to be relaxed, to feel less tension -  the body & the muscles will not be as tight when they are massaged often - when the muscles are tight, it can cause pain, headaches, muscle aches, and we do not feel well overall, we can’t function, it’s a vicious cycle.  

I truly believe that massage therapy is not a luxury - it is essential for our overall well being - I know it is for me!”

There are so many types of massage out there now - and it can get confusing as to what to ask for or where to go.  So it is very important to listen to my clients needs, & requests closely. And after  working with you for a session or two ~ not many words are needed,  I have learned what your needs are and we can continue to get you on a road to wellness!

Therapeutic Massage ~ A basic overall wellness massage, relaxing the the muscles, relieving tension. Pressure can be adjusted to the clients desire. This is a great place to start - as each session may be different, depending on what is going on with the client such as a new injury.  Not all parts of the body require or should receive deep work ~ allow me to feel what areas require what type of pressure may be required, and I encourage my clients to let me know when they would appreciate a bit more pressure. Together we will find exactly what your body requires!

Pregnancy Massage ~ All pregnant women need some extra care, their bodies are experiencing so many changes, both physically & hormonally.  Pre-natal & post-natal massage supports them by reducing emotional & physical stress & tension.  Low back pain, swelling (edema), headache, leg cramping can occur during pregnancy, massage will aid in reducing symptoms and allow for relaxation.  Lymphatic drainage will encourage reduction in swelling in legs, arms and after the delivery, it will hep with lactation.

Hot Stone ~ Therapist uses warmed stones to use to massage body.  Stones soften muscles allowing therapist to work muscle easier & deeper. 

Reflexology ~ Areas mainly of the hands & feet have pressure applied in a pattern to address issues within the body that coincide with the body.

Lastly, if you know someone (or maybe yourself!) who is so busy & caught up in their lives with their jobs, families - life, they may not take time for self-care.  Hopefully, they have someone who will gift them a gift certificate, offer to babysit - give them all the support & freedom they need to have a wellness session.  Encourage them - it does end up being a benefit to all!





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